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From: Gold Coast
Age: 26
It was a winters day in 2001 at Sydney’s Palm Beach where Audrey caught her first wave at the age of 6 from that moment on it was a complete obsession. She grew up longboarding and short boarding, but it was shortboarding that eventually stole her heart, and she started competing at the age of 10. She competed all throughout her teenage years travelling up and down the east coast competing on the pro jnr series and then a few years on the WQS. She managed to gather a few finalist spots and in 2013 won the Open Women’s Australian title. In 2015 she decided enough was enough and I quit competing. Fast forward 6 years and I entered the Usher cup contest at Rainbow Bay for a laugh and won against quite a few top ranked WQS surfers.
These days she will ride any shape board. When its small she is out on a longboard and when its firing on a shortboard, mid-length or twin fin.

Competition results:
1st 2021 Usher Cup
1st 2013 Open Woman Australian Shortboard Championships


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